New Member: TransContainer Europe GmbH

Founded in 2006 as a subsidiary of RZD (Russian Railways), TransContainer is a Russian intermodal rail operator that is now 99.8% owned by the Delo Group. With 88,595 of their own containers and 32,246 container cars, TransContainer’s fleet is the largest in Russia, and is operational throughout Eurasia’s 1520-mm gauge rail network.

In addition, TransContainer has its own terminals in Russia (42) and Kazakhstan (19).

TransContainer’s stated business model is to create an integrated transport and logistics group providing container and logistics services throughout Europe and Asia. Each new shipment of rail freight from China and every joint venture expanding TransContainer’s reach in intermodal transport brings them one step closer to this goal.

In recent years, TransContainer has established itself as the leading operator of container trains through and to Russia and Central Asia. Furthermore, TransContainer organizes trains from China to Europe via Russia and vice versa.

They have joined the Association for the Development of Logistics Alliance Germany (Förderverein LAG e.V.) as the company TransContainer Europe GmbH, with their branch located in Eschborn.


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