A look back: LAG Reception at Fruit Logistica


For the sixth year in a row, the Logistics Alliance Germany (LAG) hosted an evening reception at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, welcoming guests at the Funkturm Restaurant together with Rainer Bomba, State Secretary for the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

More than 100 invited guests attended the event, amongst them Eduardo Carles, Panama?s Minister of Agriculture; Dr. Hermann Aeikens, State Secretary for the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture; and the ambassadors of a variety of Latin American countries stationed in Germany. Also in attendance were numerous fruit and vegetable producers and representatives from export associations and from across Germany?s logistics sector.

State Secretary Bomba delivered a welcome address together with Mathias Krage, chairman of the Association for the Development of Logistics Alliance Germany (F?rderverein LAG e.V.). Speaking to the gathered crowd, State Secretary Dr. Aeikens emphasized the important role of logistics in importing fresh products into Germany. Michael Kuchenbecker, head of the LAG office, called attention to the free logistics matchmaking services provided by LAG. Using this service, producers and exporters interested in getting their goods into the European market cost-effectively and at the required quality standards can connect directly with German logistics providers, quickly, easily, and free from bureaucracy.

As in previous years, the central objective of the reception was to give the Latin American guests and German representatives the opportunity to connect and communicate ? complete with delicious food and a 360-degree view over the wintry Berlin cityscape.

Hasta la pr?xima und at? a pr?xima!
See you next time, see you next year!


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