New member: German Parcel and Express Association (BIEK)

The German Parcel and Express Association (BIEK) was founded in 1982. The members of the association are the leading providers for courier, express and parcel services (CEP) in Germany. They offer a nationwide delivery from the Baltic Sea to the Alps to their customers. As the mouthpiece of the CEP industry, the BIEK expresses the economic and political interests and solutions towards politics, public, press and science.

The CEP companies in Germany provide an essential service so that people can live the way they do. For the inhabitants the CEP providers are as important as bus and train and the need for CEP services increases continuously. Due to the rising national and cross-border e-commerce, the stable state of the German and international economy and the proceeding globalization the CEP market has grown strongly during the last years: in 2016 the branch of trade achieved a volume of sales amounting 18.5 billion euro and routed 3.2 billion consignments. Successes like these make a great contribution to the state of the CEP companies as a driving force for jobs. More than 219,000 people worked in the CEP industry in 2016, about 10,000 employees more than the year before.

The German Parcel and Express Association looks forward to the membership in the Logistics Alliance Germany (LAG). The close contact between the international acting CEP providers, politics and other companies will be strengthened by the excellent worldwide network of the LAG community, from which all concerned can benefit.


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