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    Logistics Alliance Germany is a public-private partnership between the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and the German logistics industry.

    LAG connects you to the logistics partners you need, free of charge. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you achieve your objectives in the European market.

    • Logistics made in Germany unites many different professional logistics services, providing you with targeted support in market development and expansion.
    • Whether by air, sea, inland water or land, excellent infrastructure  and  connections  to  the  trans-European  transport  axes  make Germany a European logistics hub.
    • Germany gives you access to the European single market. Your goods  reach  their  destination  overnight;  they  can  reach  over  250 million consumers within 36 hours.
    • Highly-qualified  logistics  service  providers  work  reliably  and  flexibly  and  are  drivers  of  innovation.  Whether  it‘s  perishable  goods or entire power stations, we find the right German logistics partners for your requirements.

    You will find here examplified solutions provided by German logistics partners.

    Germany: your gateway and hub in Europe.

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    "Logistics Made in Germany"

    Learn why Germany makes the perfect logistics partner! Watch the trailer for Logistics Alliance Germany.

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    Logistics Alliance Germany

    A public private partnership of the Federal Ministry of Transport and digital Infrastructure and the German Logistics Industry.